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Yesterday was my BEST FRIEND'S birthday, so I made her this. This is my most intricate pop-up card yet. 

The blue and red tag you see on the envelope was put on the umbrella that I got for her from Bella Umbrella at Pine & 1st in Seattle. On the tag it says, "IN CASE OF RAIN, REMOVE PLASTIC AND USE." So for laughs and giggles I put a picture of Rain, the Korean popstar, on the back. *cue Troll face*




Isn’t my cousin’s #birthday gift to me wrapped just beautifully? She’s my BFFFFFFFF! (Taken with instagram)

Isn’t my cousin’s #birthday gift to me wrapped just beautifully? She’s my BFFFFFFFF! (Taken with instagram)



Never seen before pictures! LOL

So this year, for my birthday, my cousin surprised me by waking up early to put this on the sidewalk in front of my house!

Little did she know, that my filled bladder had woken me up early that morning. LOL I made it all the way from out my side of the bed, which passes the window, and around to the bathroom without knowing anything. It was on my way back that I noticed a long-haired hooded figure outside my house applying something to my sidewalk :)

This picture makes me laugh haha… Gotta love my cousin Isabelle!



My gift to my 21 y/o boyfriend <3

The birthday turned out to be a success! I spent the morning with him at our favorite bagel place, then walking around town in the bright 70F sun. Mid day he had to work but we finished the day with dinner with both my parents at a wonder sushi at seafood buffet in Northgate called Blue Fin. At the end of the dinner I gave him what he thought was my whole gift, but it was only part one.

This was actually something I bought 4 months ago in Barnes & Nobles. When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for him since he is very much into wines, instead of beer. The only thing was I had to play the waiting game. It was well worth it though, it was excited to use it.

Then we drove home. I said I had to put something away in the kitchen so I let him head upstairs first. Before leaving, I snuck the 2nd part of his gift out of my closet and laid it on the bed. As he walked in he saw a huge box on the bed. Guess what was inside!!

The box he unwrapped was a plain old wine shipment box. He told me his mother didn’t have time to take him to a real wine tasting until late this summer, and I knew that one day we would be a wine collector, so why not start the collection now? I had bought him 8 (total) bottles of wine!

  • 3 reds
  • 3 whites
  • 1 rose (red and white wine mix)
  • 1 sparking wine

He was quite taken back. Mission complete.

We spent the next hour or so filling out the wine journal with the 2009 Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose he tasted. :) <3



Vertical World

Just some pictures from my birthday weekend celebration last month :)